How to call USAA: to contact customer service, use the toll free numbers below. Speak with a real customer service agent. Get help with your policy or file a claim. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

800-531-8722 (800-531-USAA)
Banking, Accounts, Auto, Life Insurance, Claims, etc

  • Please enter your USAA or Social Security number. Otherwise, press 1.
  • To reach an extension, say it or enter it now.
  • If you’re a business and need help with a claim, press 1.
    • For claims, press 1.
    • For confirmation of coverage, press 2.
    • For payoff quotes, press 3.
    • To verify funds, press 4.
    • Or none of these, press 5.
  • If you’re interested in joining USAA or would like more information about our services and products, press 2.
    • For, Membership information, press 1.
      • For auto insurance, press 1.
      • For property insurance, press 2.
      • For checking account, press 3.
      • For Credit Cards, press 4.
      • For Loans, press 5.
    • To verify coverage, press 2.
      • For auto coverage, press 1.
      • For Home owner’s coverage, press 2.
      • For flood coverage, press 3.
      • For Medicare coverage, press 4.
      • Or none of these, press 5.
    • For claims, press 3.
      • For Auto claim, press 1.
      • For Property claim, press 2.
      • For Medicare claim, press 3.
      • For major medical claim, press 4.
      • For something else, press 5.
    • To order a payoff, press 4.
      • For Auto loan payoff, press 1.
      • For Personal loan payoff, press 2.
      • For Home Equity loan payoff, press 3.
      • For Mortgage loan payoff, press 4.
      • For other type of payoff, press 5.
    • Or just describe what you need.


Website Technical Support

1-877-632-3002 (24/7)

  • Welcome to USAA, to reach an extension press the pound key
  • if you are a USAA member please say or enter your USAA or social security number.
  • I am not a member
  • Alright you are not a member, for information about becoming a member say membership information otherwise simply tell me what you need
  • for example say file an auto claim or verify coverage
  • You can say the product or account type you are calling about like auto insurance or checking or settings like membership information, verify coverage, claims auto repay off or verify funds.



Other Numbers

Financial Planning: 1-877-314-2255

Roadside Assistance: 1-800-531-8555

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