VSP Direct

How to call VSP Direct: to contact customer service, use the toll free numbers below. Speak with a real customer service agent for help with your plan. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

VSP Direct 800 Number: 866-944-1080

How to call VSP eye insurance: After calling the the toll free number above, you will be given the following options. Use the phone menu below to understand how to get customer support or buy insurance from Vision Service Plan.

VSP Customer Service: Call 866-944-1080

  • Thank you for calling VSP Individual Vision Plans. A direct to consumer benefits program brought to you by VSP Vision Care.
  • If you are currently a VSP member calling about an existing plan, press one.
    • For questions regarding your current benefits, press one.
      • Welcome to the VSP where caring for your eyes is easy. As the nation’s leading eye care benefit provider, we are happy to help you with your eye care needs. Now, tell me briefly what you’re calling about.
    • If you have questions regarding billing or if you need to update account information, press two.
    • For questions about the Healthy Vision Association, press three.
  • If you are calling to enroll or want to learn more about VSP individual insurance, press two.
    • This call maybe recorded for quality assurance purposes [real person]

About VSP

Unlike other types of insurance, VSP encourages users to make full use of their packages because it saves them money in the end. When individuals can enjoy extra savings particularly if the health care costs are sorted or handled via pre-tax roll deductions.

VSP certified doctors can access plan coverages which save individuals from needing an ID card during treatment.

Member just need make an appointment for the next exam, take the necessary tests, pick preferred framed and lens options, and the physician’s office will take care of all the other details.

Individuals that prefer to pay out of pocket can do so using their Health Savings Accounts, or pay their overage and copays on site at the doctor’s office.

VSP Customer Benefits

Cost Savings
VSP offers the lowest out of pocket prices in the market. Consumers can save on frames and lenses, as well as out of pocket expenses such as anti-reflective coating and progressive lenses.

No other provider has a network of physicians as comprehensive as VSP.

VSP has a broad array of frames and lenses on offer. Individuals simply pick based on design, preference, and budget.

Ease of Use
The VSP sign up process is simple. It takes a few minutes to sign up and you can use your plan in about 5 days.

VSP takes great pride in their customer focus. As the only national not-for-profit vision insurance company, VSP is committed to providing the best care, which explains the high rate of customer satisfaction reported.

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