How to call MetroPCS: use the toll free number below to contact customer service. Get help with tech support, bill pay or questions about your cell phone account. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

MetroPCS Personal Banking Customer Service

1-888-863-8768, 888-8metro8

  • Welcome to Metro by T-Mobile!
  • To continue in English, press 1.
  • To continue in Spanish, press 9.
    • Bill Pay:To make a Payment, press 1.
      • Say or enter the phone number you want to pay for, with the area code first.
    • Support: For troubleshooting tips, press 2.
      • For Metro network, press 1.
      • For making or receiving calls, press 2.
      • For a feature or service, press 3.
      • For Payment, press 4.
      • To reset your voicemail PIN, press 5.
      • Or if it’s none of these, press 6.
    • Your Phone:For My Phone, press 3.
      • To switch your phone, press 1.
      • To add a line, press 2.
    • New Service: To open an account, press 4.
      • Tell me about Metro, press 1.
      • To activate a Metro device, press 2.
      • To activate a device from another carrier, press 3.
      • To find a store, press 4.
    • New Account:To manage your account, press 5.
      • To check my rate plan, press 1.
      • To add a feature, press 2.
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