Customer Service Numbers

How to call RBC: use this toll free number to speak with a real customer service agent for account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service, Online Banking

  • Thank you for calling RBC Royal Bank.
  • For English, press 1.
  • Enter your 16-digit debit card number, if you do not have a client card, press the Number sign to skip.
    • If you’re calling to advise us of travel plans, press the Star key
    • For self-serve day to day banking transactions including bill payments and transfer of funds, press 1.
    • For all other inquiries, press 2.
      • For inquiries or advice related to credit cards, press 1.
      • Loans, mortgages, credit lines, home lines, and overdrafts, press 2.
        • To speak to a credit advisor about your personal credit, press 1.
        • To speak to a business advisor regarding credit for your business, press 2.
      • Online and mobile banking, press 3.
      • Investments including RSP’s, tax free savings accounts, GIC’s mutual funds, and registered products, press 4.
      • For exchange rates, press 5.
      • Insurance, press 6.
        • For home and auto insurance, press 1.
        • For Travel insurance, press 2.
        • For Life and Disability insurance, press 3.
        • For insurance on your loans and mortgages, press 4.
      • And for all other inquiries or to book an appointment, press 0.
      • To repeat these options, press 8.
  • Welcome to RBC Royal Bank Card Services [Foreign Language]. For service in English please press one, [Foreign Language].
  • Please enter your 16 digit RBC credit card number now,
  • if you make a mistake press the star key.
  • If you do not have a credit card press the number sign to skip.
    • If you’re calling advice us of travel plan press the star key.
    • For account balances, recent transactions or to confirm receipt a payment press one.
      • Please enter your 16 digit RBC credit card number now.
      • If you make a mistake press the star key
    • To report a lost or stolen card press two,
    • to apply for a new RBC credit card or to enquire about your application press three.
    • For insurance enquiries press four.
    • For all other enquiries on your existing RBC credit card including making a payment press five.
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