H&R Block

How to call H&R Block: for customer support, dial the toll free number below. Get help with tax return questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

1-800-472-5625 (1-800-HRBLOCK)

  • Welcome to H&R Block
  • Location Near Me: To locate an H&R Block Block tax office, make an appointment, or get office hours, press 1
    • To locate an office please say the zip code for an area that you would like to search
  • Get an Advance:For information about refund advance, press 2
    • to schedule an appointment to complete your tax return and find out more about refund advance, 1
    • if your loan application has already been approved, 2
    • for all other questions, 0
  • DIY: For do-it-yourself tax product support, press 3
    • to check the status of your tax return, 1
    • for assistance selecting right DIY tax preparation product, 2
    • if preparing taxes online at at, 3
    • if using tax software from a CD or download, 4
  • Check Return: For status of a tax return prepared in an H&R tax office, press 4
    • Please enter your nine digit social security number
  • Speak to an Agent: For customer service, press 0
    • for assistance with your emerald card press 1
    • if preparing your taxes online at H & R Block, 2
    • if using tax software from a CD or download, 3
    • all other questions remain on the line
    • please wait while we transfer your call (real person)
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