Customer Service Numbers

How to call Hertz: contact customer service using the toll free number below. Rent a car, change reservations, etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.


800-654-3131 (US or Canada)

  • Thank you for calling Hertz. Your call maybe recorded or monitored for quality assurance.
  • To make or change a reservation for a future time or to check rates in the United States press 1.
  • For reservations outside the United States press 2.
  • If you’re currently using a Hertz vehicle and you would like to extend your rental or change the return location press 3.
  • For road side service press 4.
  • For billing inquires or questions regarding a completed rental press 5.
  • To repeat these options press pound or remain on the line for assistance.

Emergency Roadside Assistance


  • Thank you for calling Hertz local edition, if you are calling to reserve a replacement vehicle due an accident or [theft] please press 1.
  • If you are in need of the billing invoice copy or have a billing issues on a replacement rental press 2.
  • To make reservation or check rates press 3.
  • For all other calls please remain on line and the next available agent will assist to you.

Extend your rental or Change your return location


Hertz.com assistance:


Past Rental Billing Questions or Feedback

hours: 6am-9pm CST M-F

Membership / Gold Plus Rewards

hours: 6am-9pm CST M-F

Other Numbers

International Rentals: 800-654-3001

Accident Rates and Reservations: 800-704-4473 (US)

Hearing Impaired: 800-654-2280

Parking, Traffic & Toll Violations: 877-977-5771
hours: 8am-7pm CST M-F

Toll Road charges: 877-411-4300
hours: 8am-7pm CST M-F

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