Walgreens Pharmacy

How to call Walgreens: use the toll free number below to contact customer service for tech support and help with account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Walgreens Customer Service Line

1-800-925-4733 (1-800-WALGREENS)

  • Thank you for calling Walgreens automated customer service line.
  • Store nearby: For the address and phone number of a nearby Walgreens, press 1.
    • Please stay on the line while your call is directed.
    • Thank you for calling the Walgreens touch map locator.
    • Please enter the area code and first three digits of a phone number in the area you would like to find a Walgreens pharmacy.
  • Clinic: For locations, services, and for general information about health care clinic at select Walgreens, press 2.
    • Please stay on the line while your call is directed.
    • Thanks for calling Walgreens health care clinics.
    • If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911.
    • Now, if you need to know where the nearest health care clinic is, or their hours, just say “clinic information”.
    • To find out what we treat and the cost, say “services”.
    • To learn more about insurance coverage and co-pays, say “insurance”.
    • You can also say “billing and payments”, or say “help me with something else”.
  • Rewards:For the balance rewards loyalty program, press 3.
    • Please stay on the line while your call is directed.
    • Hi! Thanks for calling balance rewards.
    • Now, to get started, tell me, are you already a balance rewards member? Just say yes or no.
    • Yes
      • Ok, then I can get your account balance, and tell how many points you have. I can pull up your most recent account activity, like the date of the transaction and the points you earned.
      • Or, if you forgot to use your balance reward number the last time you bought something online or in the store, I can help with adding the missing points.
      • So just say “points balance”, “recent activity”, “missing points”, or say “help me with something else”.
    • No
      • Ok, then I can help you enroll in the program.
      • Or, if you need more information first, I can give you a quick overview of how balance rewards works, and how you can save, earn, and redeem points online in our stores.
      • So just say “enrollment”, “overview”, or “help me with something else”.
  • Customer issues: For customer service issues, press 4.
    • Please stay on the line while your call is directed.
    • Thanks for calling the Walgreens consumer relations department. To insure quality service, this call may be monitored or recorded.
  • And for anything else, press 5.
    • Thank you for calling Walgreens health care assistance.
    • Your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance.
    • Please hold for the next available customer care representative. [real person]




  • Thank you for calling Walgreens.com customer service
  • please listen to the following options so we may best direct your call.
  • For pharmacy or prescription questions press 1
  • for photo questions press 2
  • to place or check the status of an order including contact lenses press 3
    • Your experience is important to us, to participate in our customer satisfaction survey please stay on the line after your agent had handled your question.
    • To ensure quality service these call maybe monitored or recorded
    • Order prescription refills in seconds, manage your health order prints, browse the weekly ad all from the free Walgreens Iphone and Android app.
    • Representatives are currently assisting other callers your expected wait time is approximately one minute…please hold and the representative will be with you as soon as possible.
  • for balance rewards questions press 4.
  • To locate a Walgreens store press 5
  • for help with something else press 6.


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