Staybridge Suites

How to call Staybridge Suites: contact a real customer service agent with the toll free number below. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Reservations & Customer Service: 844-499-1875

  • Thank you for calling Staybridge Suites reservations
  • To ensure high quality service, your conversation maybe recorded. Please see our privacy statement at to understand how we use and protect information.
  • To help me get you to the best person who can help, please describe why you are calling today.
  • If you want to make a reservation, just tell me:
    • Speaker: Make a reservation
    • You want to make a reservation, thats great.
    • I’ll need a few more details so I can get you to one of our specialists
    • Speaking clearly, please tell me the city and state of the hotel, your arrival date, and how many nights you want to stay


    • Speaker: Customer service
    • If I can just get a few more details, Ill be glad to transfer you to a specialist
    • Speaker: Upgrade my room
    • Lets make the changes to your reservation right now.
    • Are you an IHG rewards club member?


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