Cox Communications

How to call Cox: Use the toll free numbers below to customer service, technical support, billing and new service.

New Service, Moving, Promotions: 855-791-4148

TV, Internet & Phone Packages

Bronze Bundle

  • TV: 140 channels
  • Internet: 100 MBPS;
  • Phone (unlimited long distance)
  • Smart home

Silver Bundle

  • TV: 170 channels
  • Internet: 300 MBPS;
  • Phone (unlimited long distance)
  • Smart home

Gold Bundle

  • TV: 250 channels
  • Internet: 300 MBPS
  • Phone
  • Smart home

Phone or home automation options can be removed from any of these plans.

Cox Technical Support Number: 855-791-4148



Cox Home Network Support Number

1-877-891-2899 (24/7)


Cox Communications Tech Solutions Number

1-877-TEC-SOLV (1-877-832-7658) (24/7)

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