How to call Aetna: to contact customer service, use the toll free numbers below. Speak with a live agent. Get help with claims, payments, and policy questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Aetna Customer Service

Call 1-800-872-3862 (1-800-US-AETNA )
hours: 7:00am and 7:00pm ET

  • Thank you for calling Aetna Corporate Headquarters.
  • If you’re a healthcare professional press or say 1.
  • In order to get you to the area to best meet your needs, please choose from these options:
    • If you know the name or number of the person you’re trying to reach, press 1.
    • If you’re currently an Aetna medical or dental member, press 2.
      • Members needing assistance should call the members services number on the back of their insurance card.
    • All other callers, press 3.
    • If you’re calling about individual coverage, press 4.
      • If you’re inquiring about individual Health care plans, please note that Aetna is not currently selling any individual plans other than Medicare.
    • All other callers remain on the line for a representative.


Aetna Pay Premium by Phone Number

Call 1-866-350-7644

  • The phone pay system can be used to process a payment on your Aetna account. transactions entered after 6pm eastern time will be processed the next business day. At the end of the call you will receive a payment conformation number.
  • You will need the Aetna invoice you would like to pay which shows your group’s or account number or member number and invoice number.
  • Both are located on your Aetna bill. If you wish to continue with your payment please press 1.
    • Please enter your billing account or group number or member number followed by the pound sign,
    • the account or group number or member number is located near the top of your bill.
    • For Alpha characters press the corresponding numeric key from your telephone key pad.
  • At any time during this call you can press the star key to return to the main menu
  • to end the call simply hang up.


Aetna Pharmacy Number

Call 1-800-238-6279 (1-800-AETNA-RX)

  • Thank you for calling Aetna Pharmacy management. Your call maybe recorded to ensure quality service. If your call is regarding a member that participates in the Medicare prescription drug program please press or say 1.
    • If you are a pharmacist press or say 1
    • if you area member press or say 2.
    • If you are a physician or a long term care provider calling for drug pre certification press or say 3.
  • All others press or say zero or remain on the line.
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